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Backup Bug in Eud Arena is too helpful

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  • Backup Bug in Eud Arena is too helpful

    It's such a wonderful, beneficial bug. It's amazing and great... It's so great when your back up eud is greyed out and can't be called in to help.

    (reverse psychology. If they think it's a beneficial bug, they will fix it ASAP).

  • #2
    But it is beneficial - to your opponent :P


    • #3
      One could make a bug report, which might be added on the very long "to fix" list, but most likely this one would be set as lowest priority and never have enough "points" to rise up in the list of issues in order to get fixed. So chances are this bug will remain for many months, but luckily the negative impact is not huge so players can "absorb it".


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        They don't have a fix list because that implies they intend to fix it. We all know that several bugs are 2 years old and never addressed. Their answer to lag is to add more things to cause lag. People on forums keep suggesting filing tickets and lots of people say they have filed tickets with 0 results. Programming a complex game can be hard, but I don't see any efforts to fix this bug which is the same bug we see in Spire.

        And not being able to call back up (especially if it's your only source of heals) is a massive penalty. Some people say that the bug can be exploited by your opponent (as in they can trigger the bug on YOU). Not sure if that's true or not. I just hate losing about 6 matches a week because of this game failure. That's 12x skill books a week, which adds up.