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merge question

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  • merge question


    i need info for this :

    i got 1hercule 2 moon + 1 ares 1start for merge

    what happen when différent start
    i get tyre 1 start or better?

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    You need Max Hercules and Max Cerberus (orange and full sepulcrum) to get Tyre you'll get orange tyre full sep and to use adv mahra and adv sep you need to evolve it to Thor.
    And to get Thor from scratch you need to red Zeus and Red Arise (full sepulcrum) you would get red Thor.
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      Also important to know, once you have upgraded to the third level (Zeus, Arise [sic]), those can only be merged once they are red, and only into Thor. Since you said your hercules is 2 moons, I assume that means it's already a Zeus, so you can't merge with a cerberus regardless. Cheaper to make a new hercules max, although that does mean you end up with a Tyre, not Thor.
      Making a red Zeus and a red Ares to merge is painfully expensive to begin with, so I think it's substantially cheaper to make a Tyre then upgrade that to Thor. I haven't run the numbers, though, since I'm not going to spend anywhere near what it would take.