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  • KlatuBMF
    started a topic Shop Scroll

    Shop Scroll

    Any chance ther be some kind of Scroll in Shop for Balen's, to change our Character Job/Specialization?
    My friend ask me to place this here.
    He play Archer and want to be Mage.
    And i think its possible to make something like this.
    Specialy it can be purchased in Shop ....lets say for 1000 Balens.

  • Hyorinmaru6
    Character class change is quite impossible reason why is

    if ur a archer and want to be a mage there are a few things to consider
    1. mage are mattk type while u are pattk type
    2. all ur gems needs to be changed along with guild skills and academy and astrals and more even ur mount stats which u regard then there is the leveling stats which u have gained all ur level ups then skills and so on and so on soo many complications to change 1 class to another there must be an all reset button basically sends u back to lvl 1 and resets everything so i think its better to just make new character simple

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  • Gyrannon
    making a game like WoW at the time was thought impossible, look at it now lol. Its honestly impossible if 7th road says "no, never gonna happen" lol.

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  • terayaki2
    1000balen way too cheap (not to me , u know i point this to who)
    but hmm , i think its impossible ... but here the logic reason if u dunno about 7Road the owner of game ...
    u gotta rebuild ur char , mount stat , guild skill , astral , gem (can be convert soon tho) , gear , lots of money and time spend .. but yea if u work hard and lucky enough in getting mount whip or using lot of balens , maybe its cool ... still its impossible atm

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