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  • Advanced henna

    The 100 advanced henna from the today's event is claimable only once or per day? I heard people are getting these daily but when there is 100 advanced henna from these events i am able to claim them only once to the day the events is over.

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    sad fact is knighthood is only for casher
    they came they were there they didn't hesitat ))


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      I've never been able to claim that more than once per event. The limits like that are total, not daily unless they explicitly say it's daily (which they never have for exchanges).


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        its simple reallym, you can get adv henna from the tattoo gift boxes spread throughout cloud city. Those boxes will give you one of the following: 200K gold, 1 low event item( such as bread), 10 henna, or 10 adv henna. Natrually the adv henna is the rarest, but still its a place to pick them up. Also the fact you have 200 attempts at collecting a gift box each day with roughly 20 appearing in cloud city each time. SO alot of henna/adv henna that can be collected.


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          Yes, if you collect all the tattoo gift boxes and do henna every day including raids you too can achieve knighthood within 2 years!