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NEW class like assassin or second job

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  • NEW class like assassin or second job

    that would be nice

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    yea it would , but the creator of this game is 7Road , they need to get permission first , and this kind of thing way too far from the original one
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      Originally posted by R2181230 View Post
      that would be nice
      Make a suggestion that benefits EVERYONE, not just you. You're asking for a new class or secondary "job", but you aren't considering the fact that the other two class of players would find this unfair cause this apart of the Archer - obviously an assassin does crits more often, an that exactly what the Archer does.

      The mention of a "second job" does however give me an idea, so I'll give mine in effort to salvage your attempt.

      Optional Enhancement Classes:
      When players reach Lv40, they would be given the choice to choose from 1 of 2 separate enhancement classes which offer differing skills & stat adjustments.

      For Archer:

      Assassin (poison skill gets decrease in needed rage an cooldown time. plus a passive stat that increases poison per enemy turn by a small percentage)
      Ranger (number of shots per turn increased by 1 or 2. a precision skill is added to make crits more likely - upgrades increases chances by % - which acts as a plus for the Ranger & negative for the marked enemy)

      For Knight:

      Paladin (recieves a passive skill that grants a small healing buff, but decreases the turn duration of shield by 1, passive healing increases by small %. along with increased attacks per turn by 1)
      Death Knight (Thorn skill becomes passive. Adds a skill called Drain which acts similar the Archer's Bloodthirsty Strike skill but takes less rage to use)

      For Mage:

      Sorcerer (Attack spells become more intense with a decrease in rage requirements, but increases Healing spells' rage by 10 along with cooldown. Adds a passive skill that increases the chance of casting a 2 shot spell instead of one shot by a small %)
      Cleric (Healing skills are greatly improved but at the cost of overall damage spells, Healing spells' rage requirements are reduced while Attack spells are increased. Adds passive skill that increase max HP by 1k per level of class plus a small % chance of being blessed with a 1 turn shield by a higher power)

      Along with the Class changing comes Gear that are designed for those secondary classes. The players may choose to not take either of the secondary classes and if the player thinks he/she has made a bad decision with a secondary class, the player can choose to switch to either the original class or the other secondary for a price in vouchers or balens plus 300k gold, however all gear for the class currently activated will auto-unequip do to class change, and the cost of switching will increase by level an number of uses (if same level as before last change, another change will cost more).

      If you're gonna make a suggestion, make one that benefits all with reasonable positives an negatives, simply saying "New class like assassin would be nice" is seriously not enough an clearly tells us that its a benefit for your class over the others. Don't do that. Make your suggestions more meaningful detailed, that way peoople might actually give it some attention. Still though the second job idea helped out with me giving a greater idea, so kudos.
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        I'd like to see something for warrior, that increases speed of attack, hp and patk, but maybe lowers pdef a little?


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          Originally posted by squall6677 View Post
          I'd like to see something for warrior, that increases speed of attack, hp and patk, but maybe lowers pdef a little?
          LOL like I said, there would be differing stat & skill adjustments, I just didn't wanna create a mile long detailed explanation of every single little thing to do with every secondary class lol. I mean it took me an hour just to type that post up *shivers at thought of COMPLETE detailed explanation*
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          Sarcasm is a language I am fluent in, you have been warned!


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            To implement anything that both Gyrannon and R2181230 said
            the original chinese version must have them in their game if not then r2 must ask 7 road if it can be implemented and seeing as i see that there are soo many complications in their contract i doubt that something like this will ever happen
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              I think elementor or psykeeper for the mage my opinion


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                I like the idea of being able to specialise on one of the skill trees. Even though it may not be likely to happen ...