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    Camping is impossible since the last update because of the 10% exp bonus (penalty ?) every time one logs in. So r2 decided to eradicate camping completely.
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      Originally posted by TolapPumj View Post

      Only way I see that happening is being unemployed and disabled without very many obligations outside of the game. I work full time and barely manage to log in once a day for an hour..
      A lot of players can play while they're working. I know I do, and if you use your time judiciously, you don't have to put in a ton of actual hours, just remain online and check in for a few minutes here and there. You can get most things done during the day, leaving evenings for the things that need more continuous attention. Obviously not an option for everyone, but being a disabled shut-in is not the only way to grind the game to that extent. Just the easiest.