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Cross-Server Guild Battle

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  • Cross-Server Guild Battle

    Good morning Wartune! I have no complaints for the world today. But instead, good words for the people of the guild we faced in CSGB yesterday. We were up against ColdFusion, a rather tough guild. We faced them in Rd.1 of prelims where NONE of their heavy-hitters showed up for the battle so it was an easy win for Phoenix. I DID NOT expect that to happen a second time in Rd. 1 of the finals. I was very disappointed. I understand the tactic that is being used and I will not give the heavy-hitters of ColdFusion a hard time about it. HOWEVER, as the G.M. of Phoenix, I would like to send out a great deal of respect to the loyal members of ColdFusion that stayed to fight a fight they could not win. They did so respectfully and honorably and they fought as hard as they could. You should be very proud of them all. Thank you very much to the loyal members of ColdFusion!!!