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Here are some suggestions

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  • Here are some suggestions

    Hey, next time there is a need to revise/update/change things in Wartune, here are a couple ideas....

    First, set the default to NOT have the insipid music/sound track. Does anyone really listen to this stuff?

    Second, get rid of the cool down time for things. Why bother? Oh, get a VIP account? No. Some recent changes were good and appreciated. But somethings remain the same such as the two mentioned.

    Third, I do not mind spending balens for stuff in shop, but make it so you can spend the bound ones

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    Thanks to a glitch in my sound card, I only hear in-battle noises. I have not heard that victory jingle in a long time. Everything else on my PC works. youtube, music, etc. so I ain't getting a new sound card. I kinda like it.


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      You can change sound and music settings in game. They stay permanent until you clear cache. This is a non-issue.
      Regarding CD, the CD time for all upgrades are a non-issue in here. Longest is level 10 guild upgrade, which is only 48 hours. I'd call the upgrade CDs a non-issue.
      The solo arena and sylph arena CDs are still bothersome. It would be nice if they remove them, but generally not a big deal for most.
      Most shop items could take bound balens. I agree they should make all take BBs though.