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Fishing game

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  • Fishing game

    I'm by no means a fan of the fishing game and though I acknowledge that fishing is always a sensible miniquest in any rpg style game I actually always hated it from the beginning...but I do play/use it occasionally anyway..
    I don't always play the fishing game but when I do, I always find myself wishing for a more traditional kind of hook..the kind that has prongs to catch the fish when the line is reeling back IN! Anyone else ever wanted this, or just me?
    forward suggestion: please make at least one hook with prongs on the back (only?) good for catching fish when RETRACTING the line. I can think of some other fancy ones too like a curvy/recoiling one that bounces off of larger fish and snatches multitude of ones, or trap/mine/net style ones but w/e thats just getting frivolous. reverse hook plz.

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    That probably would have made it too easy to catch the bottom row fish, back when that really mattered, and now it's such a useless minigame, I hope they don't waste time improving it when there's so much else that could use attention.