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It appears Kitten 'Club' is totally destroyed

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  • R27639087
    started a topic It appears Kitten 'Club' is totally destroyed

    It appears Kitten 'Club' is totally destroyed

    People either liked it or hated it or were neutral about it. The people that liked or were neutral about it, asked that it be fixed so we could again see and be alerted to friends clubs that were ready for repair.

    Well, now there are no friends, so it is not a 'club'.

    Before I could get a piece of furniture for 2 ropes, now every item above buying with gold takes more items.

    The game TOTALLY IGNORED fix it or remove it.

    The game came up with this even more useless thing. Thanks a lot WT.

  • R238423534
    IMHO the Kitten Club change is the most desirable one.
    Now you guarantee to get more gold than before, never need to repair anything, always get some item drops from each harvest, and the growth time of the 4 smaller items are halved.
    What else do you ask for?

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  • Anubi0s
    well, but now you get almost 100% furnature items (ropes, cotton, etc) for ur kittens. so if you keep doing it you will end with lots of materials. Also the gold you pay is less and the gold you get is more.

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