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NO chests in Dungeons? THIS BROKE the GAME

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  • NO chests in Dungeons? THIS BROKE the GAME

    They go to your inv or mail. You never see the chests. It is a DUNGEON in an MMPORG. One expects chests to pick up, find TREASURE.

    They are now just weird forrests/places with walkways leading to monsters. It has lost the main idea of fighting in a dungeon. The fact that there are chests in random places or guarded by monsters.

    Started at the beginning. On the WT side. THIS breaks the game.
    Reldra was here....

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    LOL, the chest are there, but they are collected automaticaly. that whay if you dc you still get the rewards. This is a big help:

    1.- you dont need to look at the screan and click for the chest.
    2.- if you dc you will still have the rewards
    3.- you will no longer need to ask if all your party is ready before using a gate, no one will miss his/her chest because people went to the gate too fast.


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      C'mon gimme a break.
      This is like the BEST of BEST change ever!!! They should have this to begin with, and should add it to DI and BI as well.
      Some peeps just love to play the game the hard way.