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  • CSGB shop

    The fashion cores have disappeared from the CSGB shop! Presumably this happened during the patch upload - I know they were there after the battle last Saturday. What a ridiculous thing to do - this is by far the worst of all the shops, and for so much effort too. There is nothing of any value to most players in that shop now. Why would we even bother??
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    Agreed, the only item of value in the shop is the mount now, and with its high price, we're likely to have a few thousand king's seals with nothing to buy. I'm OK if they don't put the cores in particular back, but seriously, give us something worth buying.


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      I just noticed this and came here to see if anyone posted about it. The only thing to get now is the mount to recycle for beast souls. That is the worst shop in the game. At least put a new mount in there. Or how about some refining mats which no one has. Jees. What a joke.


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        They need to come up with new rewards for events instead of taking the good rewards away


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          I was saving up king seals too, seeing if I could buy 2 mount cards and then buy cores with the remainder. What a kick in the teeth this is... This is just an idiotic nerf of an event that is 18 months out of date (rewards wise). Next CSGB, I'm just taking a knee the entire time. Get enough for one mount card and then buy crappy blue things with the rest. Either update it or eliminate it. It's a waste of everyone's time. 7 hours for 2 mount cards... ugh..