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Attention: Adobe has blocked flash content from playing beginning January 12th. Please update to new client version 1.1.2.
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"left click to continue" message - irritating and useless

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  • "left click to continue" message - irritating and useless

    Whenever I change the focus to another window on computer, I've to return to left click to continue message which makes me click an extra button everytime I look to something else on the computer. Since the game is never paused, there is nothing to continue. Can you please get rid of that useless message?

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    I agree with this.
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      Yes, never had the time or energy to post a topic about it but it is very annoying. When I'm multi tasking on my computer while I'm fighting a boss or something (cause gameplay while fighting is very slow) that message will keep popping up... extremely annoying.
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        it's because flash is in an iframe, and when you move to another window, keyboard commands won't work until you select the iframe in the page. It's just a reminder, to make sure you click on the iframe before continuing.