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Henna lab raid

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  • Henna lab raid

    does it worth to do it in the long run or not ?
    i don't know any who playes it
    i just wanna know how long it will take u to get how much henna from single battle ?if you are doing ur 6 raid attempt everyday ...
    they came they were there they didn't hesitat ))

  • #2
    I don't really do it, as I'm not exactly strong and normally only get one opponent I could possibly beat. So that's +5 henna, and I can spend my time better, in my opinion.
    ( Of course it's more with bonus, yes, but still not interesting to me. )


    • #3
      50 henna a day with a 5 bonus each time. verify the br in the mag glass to make sure you dont try to raid a whale


      • #4
        I only do it if I've been raided. But it's not much of a gain. Just do all the tattoo piles (200) when they appear. You'll get a lot more henna that way (and some adv henna too).


        • #5
          I get an extra 50 hena a day doing mine
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          Server: s507 Forgotten Abyss
          Guild: OUTCASTS
          Class: Archer


          • #6
            I raid people for 1 henna sometimes, since the bonus is 5 regardless, but for the most part, raids just aren't worth the effort. Collecting 2 sets of 10-hour labs is 300 henna, and that takes minimal effort. Getting the extra 50 from raids takes way more effort for only 1/6 the henna. Plus you are stealing half of that from other players.

            If you want to squeeze every possible drop of henna out of the game, then go ahead, but the value's really not there for raids.