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Harrassment or not?

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  • Harrassment or not?

    Can I report about this person?
    Firstly, I was plundered by him (ex guild member) so I sent him an in-game mail asking about why he hit me.

    He replied with a lot of insults and offending words accusing me for calling him insults in WC.
    Do you think it's harrassment?
    I will not censor any names.
    Here are his replies.

    ArmorGames S3

    Edit: filed a ticket, all I got was "ignore it and don't get involved."
    I guess it's no use.
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    Hi Quoise...
    Looks like you were plundered by Luibui, but were insulted by TJohn. AFAIK, they are not sharing accounts.
    For the most part, I ignore ** drama. If I get plundered, repeatedly, I move my city. Send me an in-game mail, if you like.

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      As harassment goes, that's really pretty minor. Those two are being obnoxious for whatever reason makes sense to them, but if the game mods cracked down on that level of language and actions, they'd be banning a lot of people. They'll probably lose interest if you just don't engage with them at all. Not much would ever be done about plunders, but if they keep sending insults unprompted, that could be reportable.


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        butt holes will always be butt holes and they are on every server as to what you can do about it ill send you a pm
        IGN: whitewolf
        Server: s507 Forgotten Abyss
        Guild: OUTCASTS
        Class: Archer


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          I've sent plenty of PM saying that I'm sorry if I offended him, so hopefully everything cools down.
          Thing is, I did not call him out in WC as I usually go to bed after he comes on shortly.
          I also heard that LuiBei is behind a lot of the incidents in the server.
          Also, it's not a good thing to **** the top player off and I ain't stupid.