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Would there be new level for perks?

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  • Would there be new level for perks?

    Hello everyone, i want to see new level for perks after reached level 100. because it will be very amazing. and this is already better then proficient city.
    And if it happens then it will be much better then this. I wish r2 staff will at least consider it

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    So far we have no word on this as it will take quite some time to reach level one hundred... that said we also never know what will happen down the line in the future. Please keep an eye on the news and events *** well as the announcements sections for any futures information on up and coming events as well as releases and thank you for the suggestion.
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      its not even a suggetion :P r2 applys patches etc as they are given from proficient city aka the owners of the game ( developers) so the right question would be when it will also be applyed on r2 servers :P