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  • Guild War Suggestion.

    I am not online during the daytime so I miss most of events. And especially Guild War. I have a Guild War today and won. The prices was amazing. 850 insigina, 850 honors, and 10 whip.

    It not fair, because I can only join Guild War only at Sat. The rest like Mond. Wed. or Fri. I am unable to online.
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    So you suggest to add/change GW time I guess... well instead of making a new thread I'll make my suggestion here.
    I find ranking system in GW sort of.. lame... if you lose first round your best place can only be 9th, so if a guild wins first round and lose the rest they can be 8th. How's that right? Ranking should be made by wins, or something more realistic, thank you.
    Also a guildmate suggested inter-server GW, could be fun :P


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      interserver guild war would have to be done with servers that are the same age or perhaps match with similar strength but I think that would be too lopsided with some players being 50+ on some servers and others barely 40. It's much easier to match teams in arena by strength as there are only 3 on a team.

      I wish the final was not on saturday night as I like to leave my saturday nights open and the reward for just showing up is insane if your guild wins so I will be missing out on a lot. Friday night is also the semis which are the only 2 battles my guild has. The rewards should be more modest as if I win all 30 of my arenas I only get 350 insignia but a reward for winning guild wars just for showing up to a no show team which is 2 out of 4 of our battles every week nets 850 insignia and honor every time. This is too much, and it is too easy to carry guildies through this.


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        go play other server then ? :/
        ofc u will say no , u use lot of time already build ur char there ... but the event time is not like what we want ...
        so sux for u , its happen to me too , GW start same time as morning class ... BAM! sux for me too ...
        i want that mount whip
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