I think the stay and a certain level is fun, but with the last update and this made ​​us want to eliminate.
I always seemed more interesting a game where you do not have many ' noise ' to arm myself or specialize , but a time now , the acquisition of free exeriencia , is making disappear the game.
Being honest , I think many do not like to be level 80 , either by the amount of things to do , or you find more interesting the game with only up combat power, to brag , do not think that we are an obstacle to the game, we are part of the interesting and we do...
As they say , not if you feel angry , seeing that my character will acender a level, but do not want , but I still have hope that give account that being 80 is not everything for a game, but the multiplicity strategies that we can find .
Thanks if you can read this, and sorry for not writing well , I'm not fluent Latin and English ...
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