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Is Outland Time For Real?

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  • Is Outland Time For Real?

    10AM on weekdays? Some people work for a living. Will there be 2 time slots like the arenas or are working people simply not going to be able to participate?

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    There 4 rounds, each lasting 30 minutes and there 4 hours between the start for each round (So the first round start, for example at 10 am, the 2nd at 2pm, then 6pm and finally 10pm)
    Have a wonderful day


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      Thanks for the info. 2 out of 4 rounds won't be too bad.


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        That's actually what I have too (can do only 2 of the 4 each day cause of work).
        But the reward at the end worth it anyway (well...if you are knighted)

        Edit : if you need more info, you can fight it here :
        Have a wonderful day