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some ideas of things need to be changed (personal mind)

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    problem is not how the devo event should trigger, its just that it doesnt work like it "should" work, like other parts of game seems like devs dont test their work or even worse they just dont play their own game, so they would know theres something wrong. and of course their **-customer support is nothing but a bad joke:

    just a part all that wrote tickets so far know: ...blablabla...dont get feedback...blablabla...closed ticket.....did find solution on ur own.....

    yes we write tickets to get said: wait for answer, then we wait and ticket gets closed without anything done, and then they want to "rate" their work ? what **** work ? done nothing, send auto reply and nothing changed, thats a way to keep number of tickets low, cause players know nothing will happen so why write a **** ticket when the service sucks.

    and stupid idiots from "customer service" : cheers, less tickets than last months we do great work, lets sniff more cocain and celebrate our work, cause we rock.

    and if theres some r2noob reading thhis: yes im ****** and u suck