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  • Some suggestions for the game

    I know the developers do not give much attention to recommendations in the forum, but I can always hope, so here goes ...

    BATTLEGROUND - I do not like all the totems and resource officers, or the large maze. Battleground should be a small strip of land connecting two spawn areas, and players run to the other side and look for weaker players to attack.

    WEEKLY DUNGEON CHESTS - I noticed that regular Spire chests had the one reward reduced from 2 balens to 1 balen, which was oddly relieving because I felt that randomly getting 2 balens was oddly generous. If you are giving attention to such details, I was hoping you would change all the weekly dungeon chests into boxes that open with unbound balens.

    ARCHAEOLOGY - on a similar note, you could replace the archaeology reward-points system with direct rewards such as 2 shadow crystals, level-1 gem boxes, and 5 soul crystals, and the occasional 2-3 nickels, of course.

    MORE HENNA - I am surprised at how many places do not yet offer free regular henna. There's no random piles of henna scattered around the sylph atoll, none to be found in the guild areas (including shops and blessings), and no henna randomly found in the farm/pasture (or under one of the cats).

    THE CHICKEN - I strongly believe we should have the ability to summun a chicken that will run around and do absolutely nothing. I believe this is something that is tragically overlooked in too many games.

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    Chicken? Lol


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      Originally posted by jaredpsi
      - Servers shut down frequently, events get bugged for weeks, and sometimes even months. Many players have quit due to the long pending issues in the game.
      +1, R2 should fix that.

      Originally posted by jaredpsi
      - R2 simply stops developing their games after a certain time, in many cases, even before it is only 6-12 months after launching it! You are stuck with the same dungeons, labs, gear levels, bugged events, etc. and can only wait for the game to die.
      R2 doesn't stop, or start developing; they don't develop at all. Proficient City does, R2 just publishes.

      Originally posted by jaredpsi
      - R2 officially posts in game forums that there are HACKER attacks to their servers which puts their servers down - something which goes on for months! We are giving our Credit Card and other personal information to R2 so that it can be hacked due to the low security at their servers!?
      Really? I didn't see them post that anywhere. Have a link to the post?

      Originally posted by jaredpsi
      - R2 plants “privileged” players who sometimes use 4-5 “boosted” accounts per server in multiple servers to suppress other players in order to create competition and boost player spending. They can open new accounts or confiscate other player’s accounts and bring them to VIP9-10 in a matter of days with huge Power and BR. Doing this for multiple acccounts in multiple servers would require thousands of dollars of spending. When asked by normal players how this was possible, these privileged players talk of a “rich father” who spends for them – a story noone buys to be honest.
      I've seen several people say this in addition to you. R2 is a slimey company and this is not that far off from the type of things they would probably do to make a buck. However, there is zero evidence of this in even the vaguest form. Considering their customer service is so awful, I find it hard to believe they would put money into a secret division of some sort for the sole purpose of paying people to play characters.

      Moreso, if R2 was going to 'plant' people, wouldn't they just use admin-power to forcibly make the accounts VIP9 instantly? Why does it take that long?

      Originally posted by jaredpsi
      - These “privileged” players don’t hesitate to openly tell other players that they are using/sharing these multiple accounts which is supposed to be a direct violation of ToS. They then use these shared accounts to team up together to bully/oppress other players in team events – again only to create competition and boost player spending.
      Using multiple accounts is not against the ToS. Sharing accounts, while not advised isn't really against the ToS either; although it is frowned upon.

      Originally posted by jaredpsi
      - These “privileged” players have such a high level of “immunity” that they will openly talk about their internal issues at R2 Support and Operation teams in game or private chat – like who in R2 team is working late at night, how they don’t know how to stop a hacker yet, who in R2 Dev Team is not sleeping at that time, etc. What kind of a professional game play is this??
      By 'privileged players', do you mean.... R2 employees? Because they probably aren't allowed to be talking about anything. If they aren't R2 employees, how would they know who is working on what?

      Originally posted by jaredpsi
      R2 is a game company that does not protect its player base. Their Support and Operations teams do not implement same ToS/Rules for all players and plant privileged accounts in their servers to create competition and boost player spending.

      Their raison d’etre is simple: They just want your money fast.
      Agreed. +1

      However, I'm a bit skeptical about the 'accounts they give out to boost player spending'. There are special accounts, and those accounts belong to every major casher, as far as I can tell.