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    So i know that "apparently" the way they work out wins/losses is down to damage dealt etc. But can anyone explain why my team of 4 killed a team of 3 (we were all alive at the end) and we lost?

    Almost the same thing happened in the prelims, we were all alive, we got the other team down to 1 player. Timer ran out and we lost.

    Im sorry but as far as im concerned, if you kill a full team, you should win

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    A team of 3 has a minor advantage in that you can't do as much damage to them since they have less total HP. If you were healing, especially if you healed your eudaemons, that can make an enormous difference, since they tend to take a lot of damage.

    Also, by your own admission, you didn't kill the full team, even if you were very close to it. My team has had the same thing happen before, and it's annoying, but that's the rule it goes by.