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  • Gamebreaking???

    Hey all,

    I'm currently lvl 40 and playing with several friends on S71 server, which was suppose to be a EU server, but changed to US server. The problem with this is that i can complete and participate in most Events except the Battlegrounds. This is due to the event being at 5:00-6.00 AM time for me. So my question is, will i still be able to compete with other players in terms of power and gear in the long run? Or are the best gear obtained from the Battlegrounds store which i'm unable to obtain because i do not have the rank to purchase them? Hope you guys can help me with this question


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    Battlegrounds awards insignia and honor. Each win will net you 80 insignia (and 50 honor?), and each loss 30 insignia and (30 honor?). You also will get 100-300 on average i think for each battle. This shouldn't be too much of an issue if you can run guild battle and arena. Insignia is handed out fairly easy now since the patch and I have a large overflow of them. I'm level 44 and have my 45 set and still have over 5000 insignia to spare. All honor does is grant you a title and it shouldn't take too long to grind your way to getting a high enough rank if you can participate in guild battle for the 45 arena set (don't need any for the 35 set).


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      Yeah, the problem is also that guild battles happen near that time zone. So basically if i cannot participate in Guild Battle and BG... i'm screwed? :P


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        *KEY when looking at a server*

        to stay competitive , you need to be able to go to guild war. around that time. there is 6pm-8pm arena time, 8pm guild war time, 9pm battleground, 10pm wb.

        so if you can be on around those 4 hours in your server then you are good.

        the most important factor is the guild battle. if you are in a good guild. you can net 850 or 1000 honor/insigs PER BATTLE +10 whips.

        do that 4 times in a week. you can net around 4k insigs/honor PLUS 80 whips a week if you are top guild. (top guild get 200 soul crystal and 30 whip for final win).

        the whips will help you train mount which in turn increase your stats. and the honor/insigs will help in getting medallions and such.

        if you can't be on during those 4 hours ...yeah you are screwed...
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