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    Dear Raveneau,

    I am happy to hear that you are doing your part to make the game miserable for lots of other players. I started playing this game back in 2013, when battleground was readily enjoyable for most good players, and the favorite part of the game for many players. However, that was part of a game run by greedy idiots who do not deserve to have many players spending lots of money. That is why I enjoy anyone doing anything that makes people walk away from the game a little quicker.


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      Gotta say, I'm loosing it when people speak about "skill" in relation to this "game". It's laughable at best.
      "Skill" may help you when fighting enemy on equal footing, not when pitted agains someone who spend gdp of small country.
      But with how game operates, and how negligable bg rewards are, I'm shocked to find out that any1 not being mega cashier attends there. Ever since class advancement, probably long before, bg is nothing more than a grim joke.

      And let's be honest here. **** ravenau and his alleged bot. BG has issues that run way deeper than some miserable cheater with nothing better to do. But nothing will be done to make it as long as people agree to be harvested as content and take part in this circus.
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        Originally posted by R29606051 View Post
        Partizanka . Truth is i'm a 43 year old man with 3 children . I could afford to spend what rave could just like 95% of the people who play this game .Thankfully i never came down in the last shower of rain .
        I will not be removing this post Insomnia as i think it's a valid statement .Like part says i dryad and kill heavy cashing players . what else i ment to do , Rave is the best dryads service in game .In future insomnia , take not how many kills rave gets compared to Mximus who is a very simular br , who also does not reply much....always 50% less...
        .Love the way i am being made out to be the enemy in all of this , at least i have the balls to say something.Deny me insomnia that people are are not coming in bg because of rave (the good player).
        Have balls to say what? Complaints? Nice lol


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            Raveneau, server s619 European. Attacks non-stop in BG, kills at spawn and is a major pain in the backside.
            If you like this message, send it to 10 of your friends and maybe in the end he will get banned... or not.

            The question here is whether any of his actions amount to breaking r2's terms of service.

            It is not against the rules to kill in spawn. It is not against the rules to target weaker players,
            or to attack the same player time after time. While this may be reprehensible, we all choose out own path as Brad the
            class advancement guru says... or put simply, the game allows it and it's up to each player how they play.
            Is it against the rules to use a "bot" or script? Quite possibly, but a script simply automates the player's actions,
            it cannot do what a character cannot do in the first place. From our side it would be pretty much impossible to prove
            whether Raveneu's owner is sitting at his desk clicking to attack every time or whether a script is doing it for him.

            You are saying he teleports, and I can confirm I have seen this "teleport" - as in, he can be at the other
            side of the BG map and within a split second he would attack. I tried to watch out for the graphics of him riding
            towards me before the fight screen loads up, and I never see it. But as pointed out before, this is to do with mount speed
            and more importantly Internet speed and the processing power of your PC. I play on a laptop with a shared graphics card and my
            average speed is 130 Mbps. I could produce a screen recording oh him jumping halfway across the map straight
            into fight, and it would prove absolutely nothing. If I sent the screen recording to back up my ticket, chances are all I would get
            is a cheery r2 elf giving me generic tips on how to reduce the lag )

            Bottom line is - annoying as Raveneau may be, thus far we have nothing to prove - or even be sure ourselves - that he is a cheat.

            - ArrianaRaven, s615
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              if ppl cheat bot or do what ever to gain advantage by glitches bots and cheat hacks we all know r2 wont do a dam thing anyway so why whine about it
              we all seen cheaters in golden tree getting merged slyphs we seen glitchers grab mass amounts of gems divinty souls in treasure inv glitch but we all know r2 dont do anything to a person who spends vast amounts of cash

              we seen botters in slyph atoll etc and nothing is done to these ppl

              ppl sent vast amounts of tickets about cheaters botters etc and r2 did nothing

              in the end r2 can do anything and do nothing


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                Originally posted by R29606051 View Post
                Dear R2/wartune staff..
                I have been enjoying this game like thousands of others for pushing on three years .
                The best aspect of this game is by far pvp (player verses player) .
                We get to play Battle ground 7 times a day .It USE to be fun .
                Now There is a player called Raveneau .His Br is one of the best granted and fair play to him .
                Problem being . He is clearly using a bot . He sits in spawn camp and allows no one to get out .
                When my old camping char was level 70 (MONGO) I could single hit everything along with a player known as (Ginn).
                It was only possible as a human player (not a bot) to make a best kill ratio of 40 , i did this several times.
                Raveneau is averaging on his (BOT) 60-80 KILLS.
                His BOT will be in a fight and before his victory screen loads .within a split second he is fighting the next opponent.
                There fore his (bot) teleports to it's next victim.
                Many players are starting to quit bg because of him .Please would one of the r2 make a char and watch how his char fights in bg . Thankyou .Trickster s-587.
                PS . your going to lose a lot of game income If he is aloud to continue abusing the system .
                Highly doubt this character is using bot. From personal experience, when a certain character shows up repeatedly and there are other things going on, its can be contributed to lag (on your end) while the attacking player isn't experiencing any.

                BG stopped being popular for a while till the BG title system was introduced. BG is still fun if you know how to navigate. Besides if a bot was in use, R2 would've called them out on it and possibly suspend their account or remove precious items from their inventory.

                As for losing game income, there are plenty of deep pockets in game and from the looks of the events, the spending won't stop any time soon.


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                  When I first log on to the site, you advertise that there are 20 games with 46M+ players, but only 20K+ players are online. This percentage bothers me. How many of these players are using multiple accounts? How many of these players are using bots? As long as you are making money, there is no incentive to fix your mistakes.


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                    I don't know who this guy or you are, but if there was a cheat bot out there, there should be a warning already made or the name of such. I don't bot, but I run 5 accounts simultaneously (they have that thing called "cascade windows") and sometimes I had a problem in trying to keep up before my system blows a gasket that generates the "Process Died" (LOL) error after reboot (yeah, I am on a Win 10 machine). I placed fault on ProCity or the developer that is over R2's head when they "update" their patches as I used to run this much and it would be still lightning fast. Either way, it doesn't matter. What matters is that someone is being accused of running a bot on BG. There are many people can come out of spawn point and only 1 can be struck by a player at any time. That's what I am going with. I hardly do BG no thanks to the **** poor matching at the 70-80+ bracket now that we got CA, KH, and Titans running around. And since ProCity (or developer) won't fix that, I just don't go into it. I don't mind a fight, but I am not going to be pitted with a Lambo if I am driving a Big Wheel.
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                      Originally posted by MemoryLane View Post
                      This is specifically what R2 needs when reporting things like this: You can click the submit a ticket button at the bottom once you've gathered the requested information.

                      Granted some of the information will be difficult to get, but if you are suspecting someone of using a bot, there must be something displayed on your screen that makes you think they are using a bot, and you can take a screenshot or a video of that. I understand it's often frustrating to have to prove your report, but a lot of people send in reports for cheating all the time, for a variety of reasons, whether or not someone is actually cheating. The sheer volume of tickets that literally claim "I can't beat this person, so they must be cheating. Ban them now." is astounding. So it's required that there be some sort of proof of the cheating before the report will be investigated.

                      Regardless of how you decide to go about it, it really is an issue that needs to be sent through a ticket, with any details you might have.
                      I have given up on reporting cheaters and abusers of this game. I sent in ticket after ticket about a player with screen shots etc who was clearly cheating in some form and nothing.. I mean absolutely nothing got done about it... the person is still playing the game on the same server..... so... good luck all in reporting any kind of so called unwanted action by r2.. they talk the talk, but do not walk the walk... in the old days, r2 cared about its players and the people who paid their salary. it don't matter to them today because people just keep on spending.. just keep spending, just keep spending....


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                        they got a bg for 30, to,80so couldn't they make a bg for knighted players only?
                        sound like it be a good idea to me...


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                          R2 won't do a thing never have and never will you only need to look at eudamin arena player on my server 1/4 my br my lowest eudi was 3 times his highest eudi and got 1 hit on all 3 in battle sent a screen shot the response was he spends more money then even though his eudi br was only 1mil mine was 5mil so go figure lmao even screenshot don't work for em lmao.