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Battle in Guild Vs. Guild

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  • Battle in Guild Vs. Guild

    I think pvp battle in GvG should be conducted in a battleground format, where battle is conducted on a 1 Vs. 1 with troops instead of a giant free for all where you can end up in a situation that is 1 Vs. 4

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    That will be a handicapep (sp?) for guild with lesser participant then .-.
    S24 - Reaper's Illusion
    IGN - Vein


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      it already is a handicap for guilds with lesser participants since they're fighting 1v4 all the time
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        I know how that feel.
        Well, the last thing you can do are prolong the battle so even thought you lose, you'll get more reward...
        That's what me and my guild mates do...
        S24 - Reaper's Illusion
        IGN - Vein


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          it depends on the number of participants of the 2 guild that is battling so its basically depending on the guild master on whom he will choose so he can expect to get more participants online during guild battles
          :DIn the end everything will be ok, if it's not then it's not the end yet, so just smile:D
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