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Has Archaeology been nerfed?.

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  • Has Archaeology been nerfed?.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Archaeology 1.jpg
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    In This screenshot you can see that Moon Dust has a different colour text, Compared to the other items in the list.
    Why is This?.

    I have spent 4 weeks in Autaric Plains looking for Moon Dust and Amethyst, Amethyst also has the same colour text as Moon Dust. In the 4 weeks i have spent in AP i have not found either of these items. (Surely in 4 weeks i should of found at least 1 of these 2 items)

    I am begining to wonder if the items in the list with the same colour text as Moon Dust in this picture, we are unable to collect. Which would mean that archaeology has been nerfed.

    If you check the items list on all maps, There are items that have a different colour text. Apart from Erandel where all items in the list have the same colour text.

    Could someone pls let me know what is going on. Is this a bug?, or have R2 done a silent nerf with archaeology?.

    I would appreciate any info that someone could give me on this.

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    Cannot confirm archeology nerfing although i strongly suspect it.

    But the differently coloured (greyed) items in the list have nothing to do with nerfing (if any). The greyed out items are the ones that you havent collected so far.


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      Items that are a different color, grey, are the ones that have not been collected yet is what I understand. Not sure if a nerf or just being really unlucky.


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        archaeology is only place, where you can get some good items, ofc they'd nerf it

        i was trying to get some beast souls for 6 weeks and i got NO beast souls, not even once, not even the exp for it


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          I don't think it's been nerfed in a long time. It's inherently nerfed because they give painfully high odds to garbage rewards (legendary shards), and just to be annoying they made the rewards unbalanced in favor of the copies that don't give handbook rewards, too.

          But to the other question, anything that's in dark grey text is something you have never collected, so it's easier to tell what you still need to find for unlocking handbook items. By implication, anything you still see in dark grey is quite hard to find.