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Guild tree of ancients

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  • Guild tree of ancients

    The following change MUST be made ........ Make assistant guild leaders able to do the guild tree i have missed the tree on numerous occassions due the guild leader not being on, This is unacceptable..... The lose of xp due to one person is not what this game is about everything is setup for a grp effort so this change will make it possible for everyone to benefit from the tree if one person isn't on. Assistant guild leaders are choosen by the leader so if he has a problem with one doing the tree at wrong time he can remove the person. SHORT SIMPLE AND EASY
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    my guild try to have the tree run at the same time every day... so for us, a option for the guild master to schedule that as a on going aspect of our guild, would be nice, that way even if there is nobody to run it, it will automatically run.....

    having assistants run it is nice, but you get a assistant that runs it when they want to run it, rather than when they are supposed to, could create issues


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      might be good since the function to do this guild event is solely for the guild masters only
      :DIn the end everything will be ok, if it's not then it's not the end yet, so just smile:D
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