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The godly knight..

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    Originally posted by DevilAnse View Post
    Everyone in this thread does realize that these quote on quote godly knight's everyone is crying over have also spent thousands of dollars in balens? Any class can be godly; until someone provides me with concrete evidence that it actually COSTS more money to dominate every other class, I feel archer's have no reason to cry or complain. Getting whipped by Knight's bubble? Use scatter shot; we're the only class that can debuff. Feel like you can't deal enough damage to beat that Knight? Go out and buy some Physical Attack gems -- the funny part is it doesn't matter what kind of gem you slot, the base cost is the same. A gem is a gem is a gem - a level 6 gem takes 256 level 2 gems, costing approximately 21760 balens to craft at the blacksmith. Quit whining and reroll a knight if you feel the archer class is that bad but understand, there will be a mage, or a knight, or an archer that will outspend you and kick your ***.
    why i would b whining here when i kick your ***.. lol
    just telling the truth. archer had to choose gems. either u are against pdef or mdef.
    while the other 2 class only need to focus on pdef and mdef.
    they don't need more matk or patk because their skill damage is higher than archer.
    if u have fast internet connection u can play as archer to maximize it's skill.

    check this out <-- a knight should b able to defeat this easily. can u?