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    I still haven't figured out why Wartune took away player control on solo Arena duels. I stopped bothering with it because there is no real game
    play. Only the highest BR players will benefit or see any real chances to win any matches. The worst part of the match is I can do nothing to
    influence my player to morph to sylph, use specific weapons, heal, or put up a shield. Instead, my player uses the lowest rated weapon repeatedly
    while the opponent morphs into the most powerful sylph weapons. I'm constantly getting beat by players of even a million or more points less in
    battle rating. No strategy+no weapons control+plus no strategy to win equals a pointless, boring match. I thought programmers are supposed to
    work to improve games. This is a big negative in the game.

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    That one is a total head scratcher. If we're stuck only doing afk fights, why even bother? Even sylph arena is better, since you can at least pick skill order.
    It's nothing but a pointless waste of time; I usually don't even bother with it for devo, unless I can use it to skip spire when I don't need it.