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Nobody has legendary equipment... i wonder why?

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  • Nobody has legendary equipment... i wonder why?

    Legendary shards take waaaay to long to gather, just as how everyone picks arena shop to buy armor because its better and you dont have to go find 80 crystaloids for lvl 40 gear when theres better gear at lvl 45 and to find 240 crystaloids you'd be lvl 55 before you can have the chance. well. legendary shards are very quite similar, i just bought legendary ring thing to make my ring legendary equip. well... so now i have to pay 160 crypt tokens, on top of 400 i paid for the rings, on top of collecting 100 legendary shards for each ring... well... aren't you guys making it some user friendly... we can get our full lvl 45 set for arena within a week, but its going to take over a month, just to make my 2 lvl 40 rings legendary equipment, which im going to be getting lvl 50 rings by time i collect all those legendary tokens, i'd take say it should take 25 legendary shards tops to synthesize... more reasonably 20... because seriously, where are you guys getting your time frames and ethics from?
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    from cash shop. i know 4 of my guildmates already have legendary trinkets lv50 by spending 10k balens (cmiiw, i don't remember correctly which event).