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Tormented necro (help)

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    Originally posted by onimad View Post
    lvl 62 u still earns exp. when u reach 65 is 0 exps.
    well i think lvl 55 pvp and 60 or 70 stuff.
    u can't blitz necro. that is the bad thing.
    oh okay then thx for the info


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      Click image for larger version

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      after 1 month decide to try again.. and pass lvl 10.. stuck lvl 11...


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        i guess we need more patches to come here before you are able to complete it. New troops, armor, weps etc


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          could u give me the detail of boss lvl 3 4 5 like they are PDEF or MDEF boss.
          I am lvl 52 now. I just passed lvl 2 and omw to reach lvl 3.


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            thing about necro is you need pure pure pure dmg and a bit of def to keep standing


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              All the tormented necropolis fights involve dps races. Each of them will get a 1000% damage buff (which cannot be removed via scatter) after 10 rounds, I believe. There is one person on my server (s7) named MANIAC who has gotten beyond this boss, and he honestly didn't know that any of the bosses would get these damage buffs (being an archer, your DF helps slow them down, and yeah, you get crazy single-target dps). Not sure how you're having issues here, Oni, but he has gotten to 8th floor. Unfortunately, I'm a mage, so... yeah, can't guarantee I'll slow each time I use thunderer and I definitely don't quite have the dps to finish 7th floor boss yet.

              Best thing I've found is to have your hero in the tank location for all necropolis fights (some target back more than front) since the tormented necropolis bosses don't seem to have much defense and the damage from your troops can become significant. Also, use pots/scrolls/warrior's call for this and I'm sure you should breeze through lv. 7.

              -Sinner (s7)


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                you realize oni is stucked at f11, right ?