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  • Csgb

    you dont think it's time to change rewards from csgb? still see legendary stones we can buy in guild shop,vulcan'shammer but not stoves,try to open your eyes,or if you really dont care tell us what you want.

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    yes your are absolutely right they have to change rewards in csgb what's the use of legendary stones when we find them in guild shops


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      There are so many things they could put in the shop that would be worth something: advanced mahra, divinity souls, orange level enchant/refine mats for eudy gear, tenacity marks (or other fate stuff, to a lesser extent).
      Or just straight beast souls and/or nickels would be pretty nice.

      Of course, it would also depend on the prices, I wouldn't really be surprised if they decided that a single beast soul is worth 1000 glory crystals, given how wildly off base some prices are in outland and voyage.


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        They still think its 2012 and they have never even played their own game. They need to hire someone, or even get volunteers to rework ALL the shops in the game. The csgb shop is 100% useless except to new players. Which is pretty much nobody. Players who start the game now see they have no chance to ever compete without giving up their life savings and quit within a month or so. I doubt if I will even participate in csgb this time. Its grown old and there is nothing to look forward to.