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Battlegrounds and Titans

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  • Battlegrounds and Titans

    In the spirit of competition wouldn't it make sense to have a separate bracket where characters that have Titans could go and battle each other? Just a idea, what are your thoughts? Good? Bad? Makes sense? It can't be fun to just run around and 1 shot the majority of the people in a bg. I think it would be bring back the fun, and make for some actual fights in bg, for the bracket with titans, as well as the bracket without. Let me know wht you think.
    Plowboy - s658 <Darkhold>

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    It's a stupid idea, imho. It ain't the titan that kills you it's the KH skills and their stats. They can easily remove titan skills and still beat you. If they really wanted to "balance" it,
    they could have a KH BG like the short month or two where there was a separate BG (sft)... until they just threw everyone into the mix together. Not likely to happen tho, how else will they get their 5000k kills titles without 1 shotting scrubs.


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      As is always the problem with any solution that involves splitting the strong players into a separate BG, what's good for you is not good for the game. And over time, the players who beat you up the most will just become the ones who held off on getting KH, rather than the ones who already have it. And weaker players who already got KH will be in the position of getting killed constantly instead, so someone ends up losing just as badly.

      There are better solutions, some involving eliminating the incentives for people to kill as much as they can, others to rebalance BG fights so you can actually have a chance, but segregating the BG by BR/KH/etc. is just a bad incentive structure.


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        Says the mega-casher... KH need their own special BG and get them away from the rest of us. Also, spawn camping needs to be neutralized. Nothing worse than a spawn camping mega-casher taunting players trapped in their own spawn.


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          Its not so much KH and titans as the BR gap. There are some very weak KH players. In general, I find battlegrounds very boring. There are very few good fights. I either one shot the weaker players or get killed quickly by the 14 mil + BR crowd.

          I'd suggest the easiest to implement "fix" for spawn camping is to get rid of the spawn. When a player dies, they spawn in a random spot on the map. That 30 sec cd that trapped you in spawn after death would become a 30 sec protection period to make it harder for people to jump you while you're still loading. You'd be able to attack others during the protection, but they could not attack you. That would leave spawn campers with nothing to camp and even if they know all the random spots for a player to appear, that 30 sec protection would make it harder to take advantage.