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  • World Boss

    I know this has been said loads of times - but i cant find it. Guys u need to do summit about world boss either that or bring back the 16:00 one.

    Due to the recent merger we now get 1 run at WB - albeit less than 60 seconds, before we managed 2 runs, amazing i know.

    U really now need to get ***** and do summit about this - I know it has been said that you wont increase HP - the truth is you dont know how, as you have maxed it out - so that being said remove the restriction on getting gold and daru and give us what we earn.

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    They should make WB a personal event where there is a world boss for each player to smack at and the one who kills their WB at the end of said timed (maybe 15-20 mins, or even 30 mins) event will get the title.
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