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Guild Battle Timing and Availibilitie

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  • Guild Battle Timing and Availibilitie

    So who else here is slightly unhappy with Guild Battle being Scheduled for 5 am. My Guild can't even participate cause we are all asleep at that time. The way its being done right now is more like a Guild Battle Tournament, Which is cool. Just not what I expected when I thought Guild Battle. I play a number of different games that have guilds in it and the one with a Good Guild battle is Castle Age in the sense that The Guilds Can Battle once every day, Determine What Time they battle and even have festival Guild battles (Basically The Tournament version). This is what I feel should be implemented in to Wartune, Keep the Game Play Just allow the Guilds more control and opportunities For Guild battle. I think A Tournament of Guilds would be a good idea for whats currently implemented.

    Who else feels this way??

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    The guild schedule is formed at 5am, the battle doesn't take place then. It gets scheduled along with server reset.

    As for the battles themselves, it was designed as a server wide tournament, 16 participants, 1 winner. They take place at 20:00 sever time, Mon/Wed/Fri/Sat.