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CW: further away from finals

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  • CW: further away from finals

    I've been playing for 3 years and I've been very, very close to making finals. I even tied someone in points that made finals (but had a little more br than me and won the tie breaker). Now, with added platforms and KH (which is so massively cheap) I'm much further away. But I'm a free player and a casher that's been playing for 4 months mops the floor with me. I know devs don't care; they like the game this way. I'm speaking to the vast majority of free (and light cashers) that are trampled on by the game's unfair balance. Yes, cashing should make you stronger, but there should be some level of balance. Otherwise, why play if you don't spend thousands of dollars. And devs wonder why players are leaving... I may be one of them soon enough. I know, it's like yelling into the wind. But sometimes it's nice to vent, even if nothing will come of it.

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    to be fair, the fault is in both side.
    wartune with it's insane price gouging, and the fools that eat up the price. if the players has common decency to not buy everything wartune sells, then the price wont be as outrageous as now.
    Originally posted by Wraithraiser
    Welcome to R2 forums. Where quality is nonexistent and quantity is only measured in the number of whines a single day can produce.


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      I think the players want the balance that Wartune makes enough to be viable and continue.

      The balance also needs to consider things like a 90% damage immunity for titans for two turns, and other things that make spenders invincible, rather than just tougher. When the game is that far out of balance, you start hearing cries to put the richest spenders on another server...with good cause.

      You wouldn't get posts like this, or lose so very many good people and players as we have, if game balance weren't just about gone. Battlegrounds for anything under level 80 are just about deserts. Nobody new is playing. Who wants to start a "free" game where you know going in you have to spend foolishly to hope to compete against anyone, but that you also know you can't ever hope to catch those at the top of the current food chain who have been at it for years. There are other games out there. Unless game balance is brought back here a bit, we'll lose the rest, no matter how much a select few choose to spend. And, when there's nobody left to fight, even those will leave.


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        im a light casher and also im kh i had same points as ppl who got to finals and yes then its down to br as a tie breaker

        would be nice if they added more slots to finals another 100 spots so 200 ppl make finals so some other ppl can see a final

        seeing all the same ppl in finals all time they tend to speak amongst themselves and rigged whos going to be 1st 2nd and 3rd which is cheating and rigging the system making ppl who didnt make finals loose their wagers

        they done this in titan wars also rigging wagers etc

        i do agree with some ppl the matching needs to be sorted as its gone haywire example a 16 mill br players vs a 5 mill br player not proper matching its being cannon fodder for the cashers
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          the prelims are a little worse than you imagine... from what i remember ..

          need a set number to qualify then top 100 by BR. so if im 10 mill br and your 8 and i get 11 wins and you 14 i make it you dont...

          with titans.. even in warlords fights are boring, end up almost where you started after 5 turns. lots also down to luck with passives.


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            Originally posted by R2110586456 View Post
            ...need a set number to qualify then top 100 by BR. so if im 10 mill br and your 8 and i get 11 wins and you 14 i make it you dont.....
            That's why my tiny freebie toon had never tried to qualify for final & had been semi afk CW since the beginning.
            What's the point to fight for a qualifier that you know you would not make it simply because of BR?
            At some point, my weakling's low BR Titan team won 12-14 for prelim, but still did not qualify for final until at some point I grabbed a whale as replacement and whoa we qualified with only 12 wins.
            Still not able to make Warlord's hall due to low team BR, but we got the same number of wins as the top Warrior's team, just ranked below 20 for the low team BR.
            We did not have Hall of Fame for 2 years, but we indeed have this ubiquitous HoF theme everywhere in every competition, coz BR matters more than anything else!!!
            Hate this shameless HoF everywhere thing.


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              Most CW shop items are useless for the whales who could do well in finals, so they are there just to enjoy beating up the dolphins & whales.
              Maybe that's the "balance" of game, the winners got nothing but joy out of it.
              Maybe that's the pure essence of a game, that is, to pay the publisher to be entertained?