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    Originally posted by R23094590 View Post
    I am going to say this one last time and then abandon this issue, because it is very apparent that no matter how it is proved or how it is stated or no matter what proof is offered, the battle ground if it continues this way, it will slowly die, because of this imbalance. Your ignorance to what is trying to be said here not only proves you are probably a level 50+ player and you purposely enter the battleground and target level 45 and below just so you can feel good about yourself. All I want to say to you is one word karma.

    I'm lvl 43 and I hate the bg now lol. I get hit by ppl level 68+ not much I can do, it is more worth it to fail in bg than to not go so I go and try my best. I do buy balens but so does everyone else in the higher bg. I would love it f they change it to make it more fair, I'm looking at it being this way for a long time if they dont divide the levels more equally.