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Clothing Shard Exchange

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  • Clothing Shard Exchange

    Hi, i'm just wondering what was the game thinking? The Titled Cloth set was first release for Clothing Shards x60 then it went up to 80, 100, 120, now 150?! The game decreased the Event Chests from Events, removed unlimited exchange, making the Wings and Mount on a seperate chests. I understand why it went up from 60 to 80 to 100 since the stats went up. but why it went up to 120 now 150. The Clothing Shard Event is almost a cash event too now. Unless you cash for clothing shard, you cannot keep up to exchange for outdated clothes. If I were to cash for clothes, I would buy from cash events which are more cheap. It would be good if we can have another source of clothing shards.

    By the way, why not just make the clothing shard exchange same as mount shop but can be bought repeatedly like in event panel since we need to level it up unlike mounts? the other outdated clothes was removed from event panel exchange and cannot be attained anymore nor sold in cash shop as well. It would be good if we can access them again. I know some clothes can be attained by leveling clothing but what are the clothes in that pool?
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    I see one set at 150, all the rest are at 120, 2 at 60
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      Yes, increase in cost but same value.
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        I got 300 clothing shards from the previous sylph event for free. You can still do it the free way, you just have to do all the mahra/sep events.