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Eudaemon Renaming Should Be Totally Free

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  • Eudaemon Renaming Should Be Totally Free

    No point to ask for the 999 unbound balens which some 99.999999999% of the players would not pay.
    I personally like it the way it is now, with my character name on the eudaemon telling which eudy is mine.
    But sometimes the long naming format could cause display problems.
    Wouldn't it make best sense to just allow free renaming of eudaemons?
    Just a suggestion.

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    I like to rename mine (for free) as it gives a unique identifier than the generic Player's Eudaemon. However, if they removed that Free Rename, I guess I will have to go forth on the generic as I won't pay nearly 1k balens (bound or otherwise) just to slap a name on it.
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      Renames are ridiculously overpriced, especially considering you can rename sylphs for free, and those names are just as visible, and just as irrelevant to identifying the player (i.e. there's some justification for charging to rename a player).

      Glad I got to rename all mine to things I like, before it became too expensive to consider.