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Where to get lvl 4 refinement crystals now?

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  • Where to get lvl 4 refinement crystals now?

    Hi guys!

    Any idea on where to get ref. crystals now?
    I need to fully refine part of my 80 set. You can imagine how happy I was to discover you can no longer buy lvl 4 ref. crystals in adv. guild shop now.

    So... suggestions anyone?

    Tell me I don't have to make a whole new set just to recycle it in order to get those things.

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    you can get 1 or 2 per day from solo arena, which lets you do one piece of equipment in only three months.

    ... but the adv. guild shop was the place for new players to get their soul crystals and white irons too. These devs are scared ♥♥♥♥ that they might be losing $30-$40 a month by letting players have those items in free stores.
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      The funny thing is that, aside few players, nobody gives a damn about refining equip! There are many (many) different whales and heavy cashers on my server who haven't refined a thing! I had to ask a Mentor about them to see replies on world chat.

      Nobody. Gives. A. Damn. About. Refining.
      But me apparently and like 5 others.

      Now they erase the crystals from Adv. Guild Shop because they're afraid they might lose money?

      Do they expect us to go through the whole "70 -> 70 legendary -> 80 -> recycle" process to get some? Just because we get tons of those shards from digging? I'd rather become an escort and earn the money I need to buy them. It's way faster.

      Oops! Maybe that's what they want in the first place.

      I'm kinda cupcaked.


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        You could stockpile the elite refinement crystals, then refine everything once you make your equipment red. I don't know if the gains are big enough at this point to justify spending a lot of time or resources to get level 4 refinement crystals.