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Post Grab - Immense Time suck

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  • Post Grab - Immense Time suck

    It just eats up so much of your time, especially since it's every single day... It takes 30 minutes (or longer in many cases), twice a day, every single day... It should be on non-OCII days to give us one moment of peace... And what's horrible is that if you have the worst teammate guilds, you suffer for their moronic behavior. They waste attacks and don't even show up. Yeah, daily crystals are nice, but there are so many things that need to be refined to make it tolerable. How about no attacks in the last 5 minutes of it (ie you can't start a fight in the last 5 minutes)?

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    I just avoid it entirely. All it does is give daily Outland Crystals. Outland Contest and Outland Explore give more than enough loot, for me. Most of my guild agrees. Just another PvP pay-to-win time-sink. Only even enter Battleground for Devotion and leave. Only do Multiplayer Arena for Devotion, events, and Silver rank for 1200 weekly league insignia. Without tonnes of cash, PvP is pointless.
    Starblaze - S658