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WILD and Slyph Land

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  • WILD and Slyph Land

    Hello Readers and Mods

    Archaeology and Map Boss or Monsters

    1) We can Merged them in One.

    2) Archaeology Shop

    Same concept as Current Archaeology you have 30 attempt... Dig and have a boss or Monsters to Kill and earn Currency to buy Items at Archaeology Shop. Items are the same as we have now in Archaeology only we can choose which one to buy... We can do Solo or invite someone to help

    Slyph Atoll

    Players are going their only on event

    How to make players go to Slyph Atoll?

    All Slyphs drop 1 StarSands or others Slyph items when defeated

    A box at Slyph Exchange that need 60 of each sylph essences to claim and have the chance to get Dark sylph or Light sylph or StarSands or Bound Balens

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    1) i dont really like your idea of merging archeology with monster hunt. So far we are getting masses of items for completely free and you can decide which items you get by changing the location where you are digging.
    Maybe enhancing the handbook would be a satisfying change.

    2) i also dont like you idea of changing the sylph atoll. Since star sand is completely useless these days and you can still get the "sylph seals/essences" quite fast for free from current sylph atoll or the special exchanges.
    Taking away the "team-factor" more and more would make the game even more boring.