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Outlands Reset Interval?

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  • Outlands Reset Interval?

    Any ideas when Outlands will reset the grouping and post status?
    Lots groupings are rigged.
    Some guilds have grown or died after the group has been assigned, which would change the power difference dramatically.
    It's be good to know when the reset will happen.
    It makes little sense to keep the same grouping for 3 months.

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    they just reset them on sunday, be that way for 3 months now.
    Plowboy - s658 <Darkhold>


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      Originally posted by R238423534 View Post
      It makes little sense ...
      welcome to Wartuneâ„¢.
      Originally posted by Wraithraiser
      Welcome to R2 forums. Where quality is nonexistent and quantity is only measured in the number of whines a single day can produce.


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        Well...I hope it's not the case.
        If it's proven impossible to win, we'd just ignore this event and not participate at all.
        Note that we still pick up rewards for free if we just register and not participate.

        The choice is theirs. Which is better,
        Give people some chance to win, but require them to constantly work hard and grow (and spend) to keep it, OR
        Give people no chance at all, but people still login every day to pick up the free rewards without spending a penny on this game?


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          Originally posted by R26899831 View Post
          they just reset them on sunday, be that way for 3 months now.
          3 months??? I hope not!!!

          Right now, 2 days after the Sunday reset, I have one active toon whose guild got tired of losing in Outlands and merged, with its poor allies stranded with a dead guild and facing 2 monster alliances.
          We are beating out everyone else after the massive merger, but having 60 people with higher BR than me (87 out of top 100 are in there) in the same guild is not fun when it comes to GB and CSGB time.
          No guild had ever managed to handle scalability gracefully. It was always cruel and crud when guildies had to compete for spots. I have zero confidence in them.

          One semi-active toon whose guild has no casher and no one above 8M BR and never more than 10 people in GB, got grouped with 3 dead guilds with no one above 10M BR and no participant at all,
          yet fighting 3 colors full (usually 16-30 in the other 3 alliances during Post Grab) of knighted players with 2 or 3 red merged sylphs and some have a second eudaemon.
          Not that we can't win, but we can only when they are sleeping. And one opponent guild had been fighting us for at least 1 day a week since Patch 5.8, despite that we had 55m guild br while they had 230m.

          And a third (main) toon in a guild with an evenly matched situation. This is the only one that I had enjoyed. Not that we won every time, but at least both sides have about the same number of participants and we won half the fights. That's fair and square.


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            It has been confirmed that new sign-ups can join partially filled alliances, and disbanded guilds (due to low guild wealth) are gone from an alliance.
            Ghost guilds (the ones with guild BR close to zero) are not removed.
            Active guilds cannot withdraw from an alliance and start over.
            Hopefully they would do the reset every week.
            For 900 crystals a day, the top alliance and the bottom alliance rewards differ by 81,000 crystals after 3 months.
            That's not a negligible number.
            Having 3 months of Outlands completely ruined is the last straw for most people.
            And I'm not talking about just the small and weak guilds full of lesser-active free players (the "unimportant" ones).
            For Eastern servers, 2 out of top 4 guilds cross-server are in a difficult situation, with only 1 & 13 posts left, respectively, as of the time of writing.
            So go figure how many mega cashers are angry or uncaring (aka not spending) now.


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              Outland System

              Version 6.1: The Outland System

              Since the Outlands were discovered, fierce battles have erupted throughout the land as conquerors came to take over and colonize the land. However, until this day no one has been able to hold on to the land. Who will step forth to conquer and claim this land and its resources as their own?!

              1. Outland Requirements
              Before entering the Outland contest, Guild Leaders will need to spend 500,000 Guild Wealth to enroll their guilds. Guilds may then join outland events the following day. Event duration is based on months. One event session consists of 3 real life months. After a session ends, the system will redistribute all Guilds and parties and reset all posts. Guild Leaders should use Guild Wealth to enroll their Guilds in the events on the 1st day of January, April, July and October.
              Plowboy - s658 <Darkhold>