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    how to break one million BRs?

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    Save materials for events. Do all dailies that you can do. That about sums it up.
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      Get a Eud, feed it all the blood of zeus you can think of to level it up, refine that Eud's equipment to get HP boosts, give it a sylph, enchant said Eud's equipment, get your equipment at 70 and enchant to max, get a good sylph (I use Hades => Gaia myself), feed that with mahra and sepulcrum (best to stock up and wait for events that do that so you can get some back, not much but something). And pretty much everything else in between.
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        Originally posted by DevilAnse View Post
        how to break one million BRs?
        Play the game.
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          focus on hit points,

          Self - hp gems, brooch, 2 rings, artifact, stable endurance, academy hp, tattoo endurance
          Sylph - endurance, 4 hp equipment, hp divinity souls
          Eudamon - get archer, upgrade 2 rings, upgrade brooch, hp diamonds, blood of zeus, warpath crystals

          Focus on those and you get 1mil br within a week. You will be completely worthless, and every battle will be a slow and painful death, but hey, just look at that br number.


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            lol!! the best answer of the thread, straight to da face! XD
            Originally posted by R224070026 View Post
            Play the game.
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