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More ideas for Wartune in a faraway future 7-oct-2k16

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  • More ideas for Wartune in a faraway future 7-oct-2k16

    This time i want to leave to public knowledge the folowing ideas for increasing game upgrades in a future, is up to devs how to aply them,:

    1._ It wil be cool if the level of the mounts stables could be raised up to level 20 or evn more, curently lots of players already reached the level 8 of the stables and they just got limited to keep using mount whips for gaining more stats , and all the recent mount give lots of stats caps.

    2._ in function of the previous point, devs can also develop the respective mount by level using the mount designs posted in this websites among the years (specialy some who don't get the first place in the votations).

    3._ i hope to see a hell mode of spire and the tower of kings, it will be a good chalenge for top players. i also want to see a nightmare and hell mode for some weekly dungeons like the tara temple and narandera remains.

    4._ i hope to see new eudaemons soon, and more events and dungeons based on them and the sylphs. :bd

    Feel free to leave your feedbacks and quotes.
    Few data about me, just to no rewriting on every post manually.

    Player Name = ArcMorpheus
    Server= S31 US East
    Class = Knight
    Guilds Enlisted (in chronological order) = TankWars, Unknown, Mostwanted, & Fenix (nowadays).
    Server = US East Server 31
    Plataform = Kabam / Wonderhill / Gamerocks
    Login from = Google Mail (previously) / Gamerocks (nowadays)

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    The chinese servers have had lvl 16 stables and advanced mount whips for well over a year or two. Not sure why we don't have that, yet.

    Yeah more NM and Hell modes are always good.
    Starblaze - S658