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Post Grab rewards should be awarded immediately, & participants should get extras

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  • Post Grab rewards should be awarded immediately, & participants should get extras

    Post Grab rewards should be awarded immediately

    Post Grab rewards should be awarded at the end of the second session, not after reset.

    Or they should be sent via mail after each Post Grab session like the Contest rewards.
    We have 2 sessions per day. We should get half the daily rewards for each session by mail.

    It is the rewards for the hard work of those who have worked for it on the current day.
    They should get the rewards for the day when they have worked for it, not the next day.

    Lacking immediate return is one reason why almost no one participates in this event.
    People pick up its daily rewards and thought that were a granted thing, didn't tend to link it with Post Grab, and didn't realize this was what the few of us had worked hard for.
    It might be a simple thing to understand, but not everyone bothers to learn the game, and not every guild could be selective about membership.

    The other thing is that, if people need to leave guild or get kicked for inventory, they should get the rewards for their hardwork on the current day.
    Right now, if someone gets kicked and rejoins guild, they will lose the daily rewards for post grab for the next day, even if they had worked hard and deserve the rewards.
    And those who just joined guild 1 minute before reset last night would get the rewards,
    while those who needed a kick for inventory after they had participated in post grab would not get it.
    That doesn't sound right.

    Post Grab participants should get extras

    Right now Post Grab gives no extra rewards to participants.
    The whole guild gets the same rewards no matter a member participates or not.
    This is the other reason why no one participates.

    Those who care about the rewards would have to fight for 30-46 minutes for 2 times a day, and possibly miss the early WB and the late arena & eudaemon arena for it.
    Yet they get no extra rewards at all, and they could do nothing about it if their guildies don't care and cause them to lose posts due to low number.
    We can't see names in Post Grab, so we can't even tell who has taken their share of the responsibility and who hasn't.

    Unless you are in a relatively small, highly active and tightly connected guild where everyone knows and stays close to each other (meaning you are in a clique),
    and you are lucky enough to fight against dead guilds or big guilds full of laid back players (meaning R2 loves you),
    you are guaranteed a disadvantaged spot.

    I wouldn't ask for much, but at a minimum you should award participants something for taking a post or fighting in there.
    Even a nominal reward as small as 1 Outland Crystal per fight and 1 crystal for every 3 posts grabbed could serve as recognition for their hard work.
    Reward wise, it is still not going to make much difference, but psychologically, people are much more motivated when they get immediate return for their work.

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    I totally agree that having zero reward for participating in the event is a bad idea. I don't know if putting the rewards closer to the event would make a difference for participation, but it might. Certainly sending it via mail like the outland contest rewards would make it clearer, as long as the mail said something like "Outland Post Grab rewards".


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      Totally agree.

      I think there should be a significant reward advantage for those that support post grab - all guilds suffer from those that sit on their laurels and reap the rewards without contributing at all.
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        There's only 30 spots for about 500 toons. Would fill up with little toons quick and then the whole thing would turn in to a .... show
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          i like the concept and agree makes sense…but somehow I'm still of the opinion that a lot of stuff in post grab needs changing…right now it is a tremendous disaster.


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            Originally posted by gibsondion View Post
            i like the concept and agree makes sense…but somehow I'm still of the opinion that a lot of stuff in post grab needs changing…right now it is a tremendous disaster.
            I'd regard those changes as being trivial enough for them to consider putting it into the game.
            Post Grab itself needs a redesign.
            Or they should at least reset it once a color has kept 41 or more posts for over 3 days.


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              The problem with immediate rewards is that the number of posts that any team could change during each session and rewards are based on total posts occupied on a current day. Giving the rewards after the second event has concluded could work. However, this isn't the real issue with post grab or outlands in general.

              1) Matching system for Outlands is terrible. Guilds dump BR by having players strip off everything, moving players to temporary "shell" guilds or even go as far as creating guilds in order to achieve "ideal matching" for the main guild. Once the matching has finalized; players are moved back into the main guild and at most some players miss 1 day of rewards which can be easily made up for in the long run.

              2) Being stuck for 3 months against a constructed team where all the big cashers from one server team up in one guild after matching in order to dominate, really sucks. People get demoralized and no longer want to participate because they can't win.

              3) Rewards become hugely lop-sided. Each team starts with 15 posts, 11 on their main island and 4 in the middle. Therefore it takes 4 days to eliminate 1 color (assuming you win every attack) and another 3 days to have enough posts to achieve max rewards. 1 additional day to eliminate a second color and another 4 days to eliminate the 3rd color (again assuming you win every attack). That means in roughly 12 days a "rigged team" could potentially own all 60 posts.

              Note: it is impossible to try to factor in the amount of posts each team will occupy each day. The math presented here is best case scenario.

              2 attacks per session times 2 sessions = 4 attacks/day
              Max rewards = 41 posts minus the 15 you start with = 26 posts
              26 posts divide by 4 attacks per day = 6.5 days
              26 posts minus 15 of another color = 11 remaining posts to achieve max rewards
              15 posts of another color divide by 4 attacks per day = 3.75 days
              11 remaining posts divide by 4 = 2.75 days
              3.75 days to eliminate 1 color plus 2.75 days to occupy 11 additional posts and start receiving max rewards = 6.5 days
              30 days in an average month times 3 month matching = 90 days (average)
              90 days minus 7 days (rounding up) = 83 days of max rewards
              83 days times 800 crystals per day = 66,400 crystals (average)
              66,400 divide by 100 crystals per smelting stone = 664 smelting stones
              66,400 divide by 1500 crystals per tattoo engraving = 44 tattoo engraving crystals

              Meanwhile the other teams get:
              83 days x 100 crystals (minimum reward) = 8300
              8300 divide by 100 crystals per smelting stone = 83

              Lets say Green repeatedly attacks Purple and the Red & Blue team notice and think "well they're not attacking us, so let's attack a different color". Once Green finishes purple, it then starts attacking Blue. Now Blue is fighting against 2 teams Red & Green. Blue now loses their posts rapidly. Then Green starts attacking Red after Blue has lost all their posts. By this time Purple & Blue teams have most likely lost interest in the event because they feel they can't win. Therefore Green is now free to drive Red back and start to dominate them.

              The problem stems from the matching system, not the reward system.

              The matching system needs to be based on something OTHER than Sever Reset on the night before the event starts; it's too easy for people to do a timed BR dump or shift BR for greatest advantage. The post grab ALSO needs to change so it's NOT a DAILY event. If the Center "red crystal" event happens M, W, F; then Post grab should be Tues, Thur, Sat.
              A BR "poll" should be done at random during the middle of any given week, preferably during one of the Outlands events (M, W, F). If the BR in the poll is mismatched, the matches are recalculated based on the BR poll and the matched teams are changed.
              The 3 month match needs to be changed to a maximum of 1 month. Combined with a BR poll type matching system, changing post grab to Tu, Th, Sa; this would change the Outlands to a slightly more balanced event. This would also slow down the imbalance of BR by reducing the amount of possible smelting stones anyone can get in one month.

              2 sessions per day times 2 attacks per session = 4 attacks per day
              4 attacks per day times 3 days a week = 12 attacks in 1 week
              41 posts (max reward) minus 15 (starting) = 26 additional
              26 divide by 4 attacks/day = 6.5 days
              6.5 days divide by 3 times a week = 2 weeks & 1 day
              60 posts max minus 15 = 45 additional posts possible
              45 posts divide by 4 attacks/day = 11.25 days to occupy all posts (minimum)
              11.25 days divide by 3 times a week (T, Th, Sa) = 3.75 weeks to occupy all 60 posts

              Monthly reset with modified matching = just barely enough time to occupy all 60 posts. This will reduce the incentive to try to occupy all 60 posts. It would still be possible for one color to beat down 2 other colors (Red takes Blue & Green) 15 times 3 = 45.


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                The number of posts required includes your castle, so you only need to take over 25 enemy posts to get max reward, which takes ceilling(25/4) = 7 days.
                Normally, no one team should be able to take and keep all posts, but this is not the case with the bad matching system we are living with.
                The victims should help each other to beat the big monster and keep at least 11 posts for each other, but it's impossible to coordinate it,
                it's normal for most players to lack battle tactics,
                and it's human nature to side the big guys rather than to help the small guys.


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                  Participation rewards would encourage people to show up, but would also frustrate people if they hit the limit and can't join.

                  In my opinion, it is just how throughly broken and unfair the event is that keeps people from showing up. For example, I have a fairly strong toon, 12 mil BR. I can win a lot of individual fights in post grab with a single hit. So, what happens? I enter the event, move to a spot, take it. 5-10 people pile on and attack. I win first fight with one hit, but other team stole the spot out from under me and it'll take 4-9 fights to get it back. Move to another spot and they all pile on there. No matter where I go, I get swarmed by weak players stealing stuff out from under me. What is the point of defending a spot when defending doesn't work? If you're in a fight, anyone else can steal it from you and pile on defenders to keep you from taking it back quickly. My team can literally win every fight and still lose the battle just from overwhelming numbers. That is broken. That is why my team stopped bothering. We can't get enough people to enter the fight for the rest of us to even bother. I can spend 30 minutes in non stop battles and the only effect it has on me is I lose rewards from the events I have to skip to make time for post grab.

                  What I would suggest to "fix" post grab is
                  1) If someone is defending a spot, they have to be defeated before the other team can claim that spot.
                  2) Let players see who is where. Being forced to fight blind is incredibly frustrating.
                  3) Stop competing with other timed events. I'd suggest give each team 3 attacks per day to be used any time. This adds more strategy and gives all teams equal opportunity for cheap shots.
                  4) Teams should get to chose their war leaders for post grab. I'd suggest G Ms are the default, but teams can vote on new war leaders who can be around when needed to start the fights.
                  5) Stop messing with our chat! Everytime I go to outlands, it changes me to outlands and turns everything but outlands chat. This is really irritating and hampers coordination. Change it back, get in fight, and game has already changed it for me yet again. Additionally, every time I change it back, it glitches the fight so that I have to click on skill rather than key in entry...if I key it, it is just a number in invisible chat box rather than making my toon act.
                  6) Rewards--people honestly do not see the benefit of this event. I hear it in guild chat all the time "why bother?" "I have other stuff to get done" "I need insignia/eud stuff more". People do not want to show up for 30 minutes of broken manure when they do not see the benefit. Mailing them with subject line that makes it clear how they were earned would help (eg "reward for holding 4 posts").
                  7) Participation rewards would help. Rather than flat rewards for showing up (face it, some would just enter and afk for the reward), I'd suggest MVP chests issued for certain achievements that help your team win. For instance, taking spots that earn points and winning fights are two great things to have MVP chests tied to. Naturally, to encourage max participation, higher achievements bring better reward. Having reward issued by system at set points would reduce the odds of bias or unfair rewards giving (everyone in the "in" group gets reward while the rest get nothing).
                  8) Titles! Titles are a source of free BR and many players hunt them. Want to encourage participation? Give titles for post grab. Allow helping other teams to count; this allows room for overflow players to hunt their titles and MVP chests wherever there is room.


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                    Here's what's happening on my side:

                    Main toon: ranked top 100 cross server, in top guild, but server is only semi-active & guild has low BR. typically got 6-10 participants. won half the fights & holding 16 posts. we don't attack any team unless they attack us first. had to use alts to grab posts for being constantly attacked.
                    2nd toon: basically going solo in a tiny dead guild, grouped with dead guilds having hundreds of players under 200k br & fighting a team of weaklings all under 300k br (all alts?). enemy team has 43 members but only 4 are real players. the other 39 were created AFTER they were assigned to this group. initially, I beat them 1v4 in Post Grab, & I didn't attack them unless they attacked us. but then in 3 weeks they grew significantly in size and everyone ran a few alts to keep me busy so my whole post grab was nothing but fights. could never exit a battle and look at the points or grab a post at all. I'd call this alt abuse, but right now the system permits it. holding only 1 post. not happy at all.
                    3rd toon: semi-active guild grouped with 3 dead guilds, all of us are non-cashers & nobody has high BR, not sure why we should be matched against 3 colors full of knighted players with 2 eudaemons & 2 red merged sylphs each. I checked ranking, their guild BR and average player BR are far higher than ours. The highest player on our side is still weaker than the 10th player on any of the other 3 colors. I don't know why we are there, but I guess that is Wartune matching. we are doing very poorly. holding only 1 post. very unhappy. This is my social toon, but still, I can't feel happy when my friends are unhappy. We have more actives than the other 3 colors. Just nobody cares or participates in this event.