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Suggested changes to post grab

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  • 941384989260658
    started a topic Suggested changes to post grab

    Suggested changes to post grab

    First off and most important...change it so that there is a cutoff time, not the last time you can START a fight. At night you were already taking up a time slot that many used for guild events.
    Now if our G M sees it's almost over, he runs either tree, beast, or DA, and of course some other team starts a fight when we all need to leave.

    Make it so that at half past the hour, at the end of the designated time, all fights are OVER, and whoever had the most points, wins. If it didn't start yet just cancel it if still in cooldown.

    Second, it's very easy for one team to make a deal with another team so that they help each other win grabs, then divide the number of posts between them, and it stays that way for the duration of the event. This is just plain STUPID, our guild has already decided we won't even DO this event anymore. Too much time wasted for a broken event.

    You should know by now that if people can find a way to cheat the system THEY WILL, and you made it easy now that we can send cross server PM's.


  • R238423534
    Originally posted by KS222 View Post
    Aside from horrid matching, post grab is a numbers game. What I see happen a lot to my team is we have decent BR players, but we seem to have very few on and willing to participate in post grab. End result is nearly every one of our fights is hopeless...
    I have one toon in a guild with only 2 actives remaining (I'm one of the two).
    Being allied with 2 dead (alts?) guilds with zero participants & nobody with more than 4% of our BR (it is really FOUR PERCENT, with nobody above 300k BR in our allies).
    We one-shot everyone on opposite side, but they have 4 people and a total of 41 toons (all their alts, all under 300k BR).
    They used alts to far outnumber us and to keep us in constant battles so they won.
    At 4 posts a day, it didn't take long for them to take over all 60 posts, and they didn't stop at 41 posts.
    Now I feel like they really shouldn't allow one side to have more participants than the other side.

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  • KS222
    Aside from horrid matching, post grab is a numbers game. What I see happen a lot to my team is we have decent BR players, but we seem to have very few on and willing to participate in post grab. End result is nearly every one of our fights is hopeless. We end up being 3-8 vs 20+. Its immensely frustrating since I can one shot 90% of the other team, but those weak toons can literally steal stuff right out from under me while I'm in battle. Then there is a huge pile there and I have to kill every one of them to reclaim (or move elsewhere...where they pull the exact same tactic again). Even with opponents I kill in one hit, the loading screens, victory screens, etc all consume time. My whole team can spend the whole round in constant fights, never lose a single battle, and still lose to large swarms of weak toons (possibly alts being abused just for unfair advantage) that just steal stuff out from under us while we battle. That strikes me as a very broken mechanic. I would suggest they make it so that you have to beat the person guarding the spot to take it for your team. I know that would allow a team with enough whales to win most fights just by having their whales afk on spots, but most teams that have that many whales are already dominating (since they have both high BR and high numbers).
    The matching really does need to be better. I do not know how they make their choices, but outlands has been going on long enough where I've been able to observe team composition. There is almost always one team that is way stronger than the rest; sometimes another team is close, but every one I've been in, one team is clearly dominating. That strikes me as a matching fail. I also have one really big question about the matching: Why are servers that are not in our cross server group anywhere else included in outlands? Kong 5 US west is not in the same server group as armorgames 4 US west; it hasn't been since the last time R2 overhauled the cross server groups and threw armorgames in with the kittens while throwing kong to the lions (BR wise, armorgames was the strongest cluster in their new group while kong stayed in the high BR group that suddenly had way fewer low BRs). However, in outlands, we have been matched against the top guild from Armorgames 4 twice. And I know its really them because I have an alt on armorgames; I've told them who my main is and verified that it was them I was fighting with. What is wrong with this picture? We can't even do cross server friend requests or pm's with them, but we can fight over rewards in one and only one event?
    My other problem with outlands is that it is new stuff competing with other events, both guild events and timed events. Post grab happens during group arena and eud arena, both timed events. It also conflicts with some guild's planned events. That is probably why our turnout is so pathetic. Many of us have to work for a living and can't be on all day to catch the earlier events. Its just too much stuff all demanding the same time slot. Here's an idea: Take away the set times for post grab. Make it a set 3 attacks per team per day, but let them do it whenever. It would allow for some massive cheapshot wins, but at least it would be fairly even opportunity cheapshot wins (as all would have the opportunity to find the times people aren't around to defend and steal turf). I would also suggest that we change who declares war. When teams are formed, we should get to vote on war leaders instead of having it default to GMs. Each guild has only one GM and I'm not sure how many guilds are on each team, but it still means a very low number of people who can actually declare war. Let us pick someone who can be around and be smart about who/when to attack. This is supposed to be a strategy game, give us more strategy than click the recharge button (which is currently broken...takes my money but no balen delivered).
    Last edited by KS222; 10-23-2016, 12:43 AM. Reason: filter though innocent word was profane and censored it...making it look like I was cussing

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  • Vroukarouk
    Tank trials you can't enter in the last 5 minutes, so I think post grab should prohibit launching an attack in the last 5 minutes of post grab. Second, few gm's can be on for both post grabs. Maybe allow an assistant gm to fill in on that. And third, each guild should have 1 attack attempt, not just 2 attempts per team (which can be wasted by poor teammate guilds). Perhaps defending teams should get a buff for defending their own island, making it harder for attacking teams to steal posts on their island.

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  • chrisloy999
    Cross Server Matching in general is terrible. Kabam vs Kongregate vs R2... ??

    First off each provider is slightly different with the Balen packages offered. I have been on Kabam and R2 and I know R2 has higher recharge packs (up to $1,000 last I saw), while Kabam only has $300 recharge packages and Kabam makes it a little more difficult to recharge and reach the $1,000 or $1,500 "benefits" (I can tell you regardless of how "good" the "reward" is; I'm not going to spend $1,000 or $1,500 in 1 shot... That's just a ridiculous amount of money for a GAME).

    R2 Servers also have advertisements scrolling across the top of the screen for "free balens" (not Bound Balens). You have to do online surveys and they don't always work in addition to tons of pop-ups with what seems like never ending survey after survey. However, if you have the time to waste, it could potentially reduce the amount of your money spent.

    1) Matching system for Outlands is terrible. Guilds dump BR by having players strip off everything, moving players to temporary "shell" guilds or even go as far as creating guilds in order to achieve "ideal matching" for the main guild. Once the matching has finalized; players are moved back into the main guild and at most some players miss 1 day of rewards which can be easily made up for in the long run.

    2) Being stuck for 3 months against a constructed team where all the big cashers from one server team up in one guild after matching in order to dominate, really sucks. People get demoralized and no longer want to participate because they can't win.

    3) Rewards become hugely lop-sided. Each team starts with 15 posts, 11 on their main island and 4 in the middle. Therefore it takes 4 days to eliminate 1 color (assuming you win every attack) and another 3 days to have enough posts to achieve max rewards. 1 additional day to eliminate a second color and another 4 days to eliminate the 3rd color (again assuming you win every attack). That means in roughly 12 days a "rigged team" could potentially own all 60 posts.

    Note: it is impossible to try to factor in the amount of posts each team will occupy each day. The math presented here is best case scenario.

    2 attacks per session times 2 sessions = 4 attacks/day
    Max rewards = 41 posts minus the 15 you start with = 26 posts
    26 posts divide by 4 attacks per day = 6.5 days
    26 posts minus 15 of another color = 11 remaining posts to achieve max rewards
    15 posts of another color divide by 4 attacks per day = 3.75 days
    11 remaining posts divide by 4 = 2.75 days
    3.75 days to eliminate 1 color plus 2.75 days to occupy 11 additional posts and start receiving max rewards = 6.5 days
    30 days in an average month times 3 month matching = 90 days (average)
    90 days minus 7 days (rounding up) = 83 days of max rewards
    83 days times 800 crystals per day = 66,400 crystals (average)
    66,400 divide by 100 crystals per smelting stone = 664 smelting stones
    66,400 divide by 1500 crystals per tattoo engraving = 44 tattoo engraving crystals

    Meanwhile the other teams get:
    83 days x 100 crystals (minimum reward) = 8300
    8300 divide by 100 crystals per smelting stone = 83

    Lets say Green repeatedly attacks Purple and the Red & Blue team notice and think "well they're not attacking us, so let's attack a different color". Once Green finishes purple, it then starts attacking Blue. Now Blue is fighting against 2 teams Red & Green. Blue now loses their posts rapidly. Then Green starts attacking Red after Blue has lost all their posts. By this time Purple & Blue teams have most likely lost interest in the event because they feel they can't win. Therefore Green is now free to drive Red back and start to dominate them.

    The problem stems from the matching system, not the reward system.

    The matching system needs to be based on something OTHER than Sever Reset on the night before the event starts; it's too easy for people to do a timed BR dump or shift BR for greatest advantage. The post grab ALSO needs to change so it's NOT a DAILY event. If the Center "red crystal" event happens M, W, F; then Post grab should be Tues, Thur, Sat.

    A BR "poll" should be done at random during the middle of any given week, preferably during one of the Outlands events (M, W, F). If the BR in the poll is mismatched, the matches are recalculated based on the BR poll and the matched teams are changed.

    The 3 month match needs to be changed to a maximum of 1 month. Combined with a BR poll type matching system, changing post grab to Tu, Th, Sa; this would change the Outlands to a slightly more balanced event. This would also slow down the imbalance of BR by reducing the amount of possible smelting stones anyone can get in one month.

    2 sessions per day times 2 attacks per session = 4 attacks per day
    4 attacks per day times 3 days a week = 12 attacks in 1 week
    41 posts (max reward) minus 15 (starting) = 26 additional
    26 divide by 4 attacks/day = 6.5 days
    6.5 days divide by 3 times a week = 2 weeks & 1 day
    60 posts max minus 15 = 45 additional posts possible
    45 posts divide by 4 attacks/day = 11.25 days to occupy all posts (minimum)
    11.25 days divide by 3 times a week (T, Th, Sa) = 3.75 weeks to occupy all 60 posts

    Monthly reset with modified matching = just barely enough time to occupy all 60 posts. This will reduce the incentive to try to occupy all 60 posts. It would still be possible for one color to beat down 2 other colors (Example: Red takes Blue & Green; 15 times 3 = 45) and still get max rewards for 1 month.

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  • R238423534
    The grouping should be reset every 15 days. At 4 posts a day, it takes only 15 days to take all 60 posts.
    Max reward only requires one team to take 40 posts (plus the castle post), which takes only 10 days.
    I would think it fair to reset the grouping after the top team has collected 800 crystals per day for 6 days.

    If matching were fair and even, there should not be any team that could take and keep all 60 posts, but in reality, matching is totally rigged.
    For every map that I've seen, it's always dominated by 1 or 2 teams, and the other 2 or 3 teams have no chance to fight back at all.

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  • Meikura001
    Originally posted by gibsondion View Post
    Wow…good call…after 2 or 3 days having only 2 teams, there should be a territory reset…The winners from before get a an extra day's wages at the reset, they won't get bored doing nothing but collecting rewards..and the losers get another chance to see rewards (and get pummeled again) ..lolol
    I am up for that, LOL. Win or lose, it would be fun to see that at the very least.

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  • gibsondion
    Wow…good call…after 2 or 3 days having only 2 teams, there should be a territory reset…The winners from before get a an extra day's wages at the reset, they won't get bored doing nothing but collecting rewards..and the losers get another chance to see rewards (and get pummeled again) ..lolol

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  • Arlad
    Originally posted by 941384989260658 View Post
    You should know by now that if people can find a way to cheat the system THEY WILL, and you made it easy now that we can send cross server PM's.
    people already is.
    my guild been cheating the system in the last month and we got easy post grabs.
    800 crystal a day is very delicious

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