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Get Rid of the Swirls/Flashery

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  • Get Rid of the Swirls/Flashery

    I don't know whose bright idea at the development team to include the flashy swirls that degrades performance on older systems but this is annoying enough:

    Icon swirls: Do we really need this? If users want to click on icons, let them at their leisure. There is no need for flashing them like they are important, especially on ones that the flashing swirl can't be killed off by just clicking to shut it off.

    Chat Box, Weddings/Proposal: Seriously, a simple text saying such would be sufficient enough without the swirly in place. And there is no way of clearing it without refreshing, and don't get me started on idiots that would do it while in lag infested zones (like WB) that will kill others' games just because it moves like a school bus.

    Chat Box, Cross Server Bullhorns: Really, I don't know what possess people in buying such, but hey, it's their nickels. We don't need a swirl on text just because someone uses one, and with the previous, it too can't be cleared without a refresh and is prone to more idiots using it in its current state.

    Reason: IT ADDS LAG. One or two swirls, okay, but more than that, and it's like going through the swamp in trying to move, especially through cloud city with the hide players on.

    So basically, can we do without the swirl c*expletive*p? Thousands of players with older systems will thank you.
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