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Farm Hacker?

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  • Wishcrick
    started a topic Farm Hacker?

    Farm Hacker?

    Don't know what to say bout this, happened on S30:

    Lv 41, not even VIP or cash or active. looks like he's just a alternate account of someone to do the hacker and get advantage from the crops harvesting without getting his Main ID banned.

    explain me, how come this character can plant L2 Dragon Daru Seeds x6 (Orange), L5 Victory Seeds, L5 Voucher Seeds, and L5 Solar Solaranite Seeds. all orange, everytime he planting and after he harvesting, he plant those seeds again?

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Hacker2.JPG
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Size:	228.6 KB
ID:	1733679

    i found it happened on some server too, like on this thread:!!!

    any GM please give explanation or kindly visit those server and check by yourself. you guys need to solve this, or say good bye to your game. I'll never spend anymore money on this game, and will consider to quit.

    Thank you.

  • onimad
    only 2 reasons. either he hacks or he use balens to buy it from free balens. but most probably i think he hacks.

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