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honor loss after reaching crusader

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  • honor loss after reaching crusader

    alright everyone, i wanted to post this for some time, and i think you guys know that after reaching crusader you will lose honor if someone with a lower title kills you, no offense but this is just stupid, why do we have to lose honor? for what reason? so that some of us can stay at crusader? maybe some of the players can't go further because they are weaker and always getting killed by stronger players, i think some honor loss is manageable but seriously, losing between 200 and 400 honor? are you joking? it is too much loss of honor, doesn't any1 from the administrators thought about it even once? plus, a lower lvl and weaker player comes with 80% bless or more and kills u, it is just *whoops*, i say it again, the loss of honor is too big, i don't know if i am the only one thinking this, but i doubt it, i hope that this will be discussed somehow, and i hope that honor loss will be no more of a problem, cause lots of players can't go nowhere further than crusader, if you guys think that it is best that honor loss should be deleted, please respond to the thread
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    Well, personally I lose 120 honor if I die (Failing to kill NPC guarda makes you lose honor also) and since we get more honor than killing players once crusader and up, it largely compensates. Also getting honor is really quick thanks to guild battle! I don't see any problem there honestly.
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      yeah well personally i lost 1200 honor just now, so it doesn't really compensate, i lost 400 honor 2 times and like 300 2 times, cashers and high lvl players always get what is the best of the game, plus they wanna bring more benefits for the cashers, i dunno where this game is gonna lead in the future, cashers are already so powerfull, they want to make them even more, for some time the game doesn't fell so entertainfull after they brought so many benefits for cashers and many people are quiting


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        i agree that it is an issue, but it is a manageable issue.

        let me tell you something, under current system, it SEEMS that you lose more honor if killed by a very low honor person.

        but gaining honor isn't the same.

        this happened to me for a while, and i realized system like this make you want to go for lower level players than high lv or hard to kill players.

        TRUE story. this is what happened to me.

        because i'm the 2nd highest honor on my server. Anyone below me in honor i kill i gain only 36 honor . no matter if the player is 40 or a 60. i gain 36 no matter what. but if i was killed by a strong player, i lose 250+ honors. this is what happened to me. while i was lv. 60, i was killed by a lower honor knight, but the strongest on our server. lv. 63 knight. he could beat me twice over without problem. because i farm honor daily and faithfully for months on end so i have higher honor gain than him. so while he kill me i lose 250+ honor, after 2 death, i lost over 500 honor. with a 10% buff i finally was able to kill this knight that's 63, while i was 60. barely surviving at lv. 60. i gained 35 honor for it.

        now looking at this scenario this way, it's best i not fight him at all, killing him only net me a 35 honor while at the same time i could have killed 5 lower and easy to kill target and net me 35x5 honor. this system seems to me to encourage me killing noobs rather than going for higher level players because EVERYONE below me in honor, regardless of level will give me the EXACTLY the same honor. WHY would i go kill someone that i can't kill unless with buff to get the same honor gain that i would get for killing someone of same level or lower... why would i try to fight someone that is 41K BR+ when i'm onlly 34K br myself? if it's worth it, like i gain 200 honor or more, it might be worth it, but i gain the same honor due to the fact that i have a total higher honor. then it's right now, not worth it for me to go for someone like that...

        that's my current dilemma, there is only ONE other on my server that that's above me in honor, and that means only ONE person i can go after that would give more more honor, everyone else is worth the same, then WHY would i go for someone that is higehr lv, higher br than me and have the chance to loose 500 honor before i can gain 35 honor?

        right now, the current system just encourage me to run away from higher lv BR player and go for lower or same BR players.

        just my 2 cent...
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          i run from higher lvl or more powerful players, but in the end they still catch u, so it's the same thing, after u try hard to get 200 300 honor, one comes and kill you, you losing 400 honor or whatever, what is the point in that?

          it's just nonsense


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            Originally posted by nicu07256 View Post
            i run from higher lvl or more powerful players, but in the end they still catch u, so it's the same thing, after u try hard to get 200 300 honor, one comes and kill you, you losing 400 honor or whatever, what is the point in that?

            it's just nonsense
            learn to run faster lol...i been doing it, and loses less now. haha. with a good day i'm gaining 700, 800 honor per bg now if i'm online. lol
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              as it seems, u are casher, and as i said this to other cashers, try to look through a non cashers way, or at least a slight casher, i'm sorry, but the loss of honor is too great either way


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                They need to make the system more balanced in the sense that if you die to someone of equal power to you (it's their choice if they want to use level, br or honor to determine one's "power") you should lose more or less the same amount of honor you would've gained if you won. After all, if you are evenly matched, then you have a 50/50 chance of winning or losing. If the system says you get 50 when you win, but lose 500 when you lose, then the obvious answer is you want to avoid that fight unless you have a 90%+ chance of winning. As such this system pushes players into avoiding good fights and into hunting lower lvl players all day long, resulting in less fun game play.

                They probably will change this at some point, since the current system makes no sense, in the mean time you can try to strike an alliance with strong players to only hunt lowbies and avoid each other. Try to run away from strong players, or stay out of bg completely and get your honor from guild battles (slow, but you can't lose it) that or get VIP to high enough level that you lose less honor when killed.


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                  I agree to lose honor when die to low player but i don't agree to give more than 50% dryad !:@

                  and there is a must to make level 50+ BG .. better fights and adjust honor ..

                  i don't like kill low level players .. they hate me ..
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                    R2 response: L2 ViP Harder


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                      They need to make the lvl 50-59 BGs and the lvl 60-69 BGs and go ahead and get ahead of things and make the 70-79/80 BGs too, there is another easy fix to the lose honor thing, Go into BG and afk if you really dont want to lose honor
                      Its not a good method, and honestly, not really a method at all, but it still can bag you 30-90 honor plus the guild battle honor
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                        All you need is VIP lvl 9, problem solved XD